Wellington is known for its dynamic weather, and sure enough, the spring gales that have been battering Wellington have been "severe" - wind gusts up to 170km/hr on a hillside road near the coast north of here, and around where I live they have been up to 140km/hr - planes unable to land at the airport, loss of roofing, trampolines airborn, that sort of thing.  When I first lived in Wellington I was really upset by the way these spring winds battered the tender new spring growth.  I used to think that acceptance risked being too passive, resigned, defeated.  But the weather just is, the winds will happen no matter what I think or how I feel, and the plants manage on the whole and I do too.  Acceptance is living with rather than struggling against.  A much better energy somehow. 

A few days ago, before the winds hit hard, I had a few minutes late in the day and made a quick visit to the Botanic Garden.  The area around the rose garden is a lovely peaceful spot for quiet contemplation.  I was very surprised to see a cherry blossom out - Prunus "Awanui", a graceful and floriferous cultivar discovered in a New Zealand garden, covered in a gorgeous froth of white and pale pink.  I like to practise with my camera, and snapped away briefly as the light faded.  I expected I would be back in a few days to get pictures in a better light.  So much for expectations - so often a cause for suffering!  I imagine that the tree now has a lovely carpet of shattered blossoms under it...

The ephemeral beauty of spring - cherry blossom.  Its brief presence a delight, but not lasting long enough for a hanami (Japanese cherry blossom viewing party).