After the storm

(Or more accurately, in between the storm fronts.).  A lovely sunny day, clear sky, just a light wind (now northerly) and, as expected, the southerly swell with attached surfers.  To be a Wellington surfer I think you need to be patient, optimistic, and cold-hardy.  Having moved from a place which had much more reliable surf beaches, I was bemused at first to see the wet-suited surfers of Lyall Bay waiting, waiting...

Looking southwards where the waves will come from - near the seawall at Lyall Bay.

Not a great wave, but two surfers catch it while the others will wait some more...

Riding a wave - it looks so smooth when the skill is there!

As the waves get closer to the beach the wind catches them, creating "horses' manes" of spray.

The foaming waves meet the beach in a dramatic veil of spray - the northerly is picking up, I think!