Brown hills and blue sea - ongoing drought

The dry continues in the North Island.  The rain that fell almost two weeks ago did not make much of a difference for the poor dry soil.  The Orongorongos always look dry as the summer progresses, but it is now early autumn, and usually they are greening again.  But not this year...

From Karaka Bay, looking across the Wellington Harbour channel, to the Orongorongos.  Close to the shore the submerged seaweeds are thriving and a pied shag sits on a rock, presumably scanning for food.  The turquoise blue of the sea water is in rich contrast with the dusty golden (I think there is some gorse in flower there) brown hills.

The seaweeds growing in the shallows by the shore seem lush in comparison - they have more than enough water. 

The sparkling sea is a very refreshing sight.  Rain would be too!