Buff-tailed bumblebees in pink and blue.

Spring weather is always a feast of changes and today we have been blessed by sunshine and stillness, with barely any wind.  Favourable conditions for plants and animals alike.  More and more flowers are opening, colouring the garden.  The tall Echium spikes are still blue with their little flowers, there is an abundance of pink flowers on my rose-scented pelargoniums, and buff-tailed bumblebees came out in force.

No doubt appreciating the kinder weather and the plentiful supply of food, they buzzed from flower to flower, sometimes dipping their heads in so far that all you could see was their little buff bottoms.

We are encouraged to plant food for bees whose job as pollinators is so important for our food supply.  Fashions in gardening come and go, but failing to include flowering plants is a loss for all of us.