Bug Feature

The bright green heart-shaped leaves of the kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum.)

This is a NZ native shrub or small tree that flourishes in the shade despite the usually occurring lacy holes made by a looper caterpillar (Cleora scriptaria) which munches away at night, out of sight.

A bug feature in software is an unintended feature that may or may not be a problem. 

Strictly, the kawakawa looper moth is not a bug, but who cares - to me this is one of nature's bug features!  It doesn't cause the plant to suffer, and it is definitely a feature.  I think it is attractive - maybe not so appealing to the tidy-minded, but the richness of the natural world doesn't seem to do tidy very often. 

The bright winter light played on the leaves, and where they were backlit, shadows of lacy leaves were cast on other leaves, creating patterns on patterns.