Cloudy stripes - indoors version? Zygopetalum flowers

To my eyes their patterns echo the rather clumpy stripes of the altocumulus undulatus clouds.  Otherwise they are a sight as different as can be - flowers of an orchid, Zygopetalum "Titanic" - or that was the cultivar name my plant was given when I got it fifteen years ago - but the accuracy of horticultural naming can be very erratic. 

The flowering spikes, longer than the leaves, have about six flowers cascading down. The colours of the flowers - dark maroon blotches on the green sepals and the big white lip with purple stripes and speckles - make them an arresting sight.  They have a lovely scent and last well. 

My plant seems to flower mostly in late autumn - apparently they are meant to flower in winter or spring.  But given that Zygopetalum come from humid forests in South America, and mine has lived in a rather cool and dry room, albeit with good morning light, it isn't too surprising that it doesn't necessarily conform to expectations.  Bold and nonconformist, it is delightfully reliable and uncomplaining and a source of great pleasure!