Glorious lilies

We are having a patch of lovely warm days - sunny without much wind.  Glorious!  And my lilies have begun to bloom.  They are a form of Lilium longiflorum - called Easter Lily in the northern hemisphere as it can be induced to flower at the right time for Easter celebrations there.  From islands off Japan and Taiwan, its Japanese name is teppouyuri, I understand. It is a coastal plant, growing on woodland edges.  This may explain my success - I find it remarkably easy to grow in my windy coastal location.  But I do take care to grow it in a very big pot well sheltered from the wind.  It multiplies happily, new plants arising from the numerous bulblets separating from the bulb. 

The beautiful lily flower has been used to convey a variety of ideas and spiritual messages, and for some people it is also associated with grief and death.  I appreciate these associations which come to mind when I enjoy the lilies - life, death, love, simplicity, peace, the gift of life and nature, beauty and abundance, appreciation of what is.  

What a gift!