International Day of Peace, the People's Climate March and a red sunrise over Island Bay

Red sky in the morning over Island Bay, a portent for more of our unsettled stormy spring weather.

Today, September 21st, is both the International Day of Peace and the day that people around the world will be participating in the People's Climate March.

I have little doubt that world-wide most people wish for peace, but it seems so hard for us to actually make peace.  A red sky in the morning is seen as a bad weather warning, and to me illustrates the state we are all in - the unsettled and dangerous weather of human aggression and reaction.  As I see it, real and lasting peace is not achieved by pummelling the "other" into submission.  In order for it to be achieved there must be the possibility that all people can have security and their basic needs met.  And the climate change which is upon us threatens to disrupt the security and lives of humans and all living things. 

I think we all need to heed the calls to action of the Day of Peace and the People's Climate March.  Peaceful coexistence in a world that is really cared for - achieving that is very challenging.  But we have named ourselves "Homo sapiens" - so let's start using some of that wisdom we claim to have!