Kereru and kowhai at Otari - and it's almost time for the Great Kereru Count

I was fortunate to have a bit of time to get to Otari (native botanic garden) yesterday.  The sun was out, some kowhai were in flower, and it was very peaceful apart from the whoosh whoosh whoosh of kereru flying from tree to tree.  They are such a wonderful sight - their beautiful feathers, and their rather ungainly but often gorgeously plump bodies - like bumble bees, they don't look completely air-worthy.

Two kereru were quite settled in a kowhai tree by the Canopy Walkway - so I got a good view.  (I had somehow messed up the settings on my camera, alas - so my picture taking was not of great quality, but this gives you an idea of the special sight.)

One assumed a classic portrait-of-kereru pose

While the other was doing some gymnastics to reach and eat kowhai flowers.

A happy spring sighting and a happy reminder- it is just about time for the Great Kereru Count.