Listen to the wind

Here in Wellington we are being buffeted by strong winds - around the time of the autumn equinox our normally active air is even more turbulent.  When I first lived here it upset me - it is hard on the plants and the soil dries out so quickly.  But I have learned to enjoy the wind to some extent, and to protect precious plants as much as I am able with windbreaks, mulch, and attention to the soil. 

And the wind can have a beautiful impact - in the morning the wind was creating ever-shifting patterns over Island Bay - clouds scudding across the sky, shifts of light, ruffled water.

Much more concerning is the impact of very intense wind - most recently the devastating damage by cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and Tuvalu.  Around the earth we are already experiencing more extreme weather, the impact of climate change.  Fortunately, human action can help prevent the devastating climate change that lies ahead if we continue on the current trajectory.  We are being warned.  We can take action.

Let's listen to the wind.