Lyall Bay after the storm - sand loss, seaweeds (and a sheltie)

Lyall Bay beach is long, and one end is a walking area for dogs off leash - usually a sociable exercise area for humans and dogs alike.  But after the recent severe storm, big changes...  

Severely eroded sand dunes with pingao - golden sedge - dangling unsupported where it had been growing on the pre-storm dunes.  The usual steps down onto the beach, now piles of boards flat on the sand, showing how far the dunes used to extend.  The old weathered steps that we used to get onto the beach had been completely covered by the sand - I had no idea they were there.

But this was not the only change. 

Alfie the shetland sheepdog was curious - what's this?

Mounds and mounds of beached seaweeds (as well as some sponges - I even saw sea cucumbers and a sea horse.)  The turbulence of the water during the storm must have dislodged masses of seaweeds which were subsequently washed up on the beach - like a fallen forest.

Alfie found a great deal to explore and sniff.  He is a middle sized dog, so you get some idea of the size and extent of the dying seaweed.

Hundreds of plants that we usually don't see - a reminder of the abundance of life under the sea.