Not a vine, it's a bine! Wisteria unfurling

Here spring is a wonderful unfurling of fresh new plant growth repeatedly disturbed by stormy weather.  Sigh.  Recently, on a reasonably still and fine day, I saw this lovely wisteria beginning to flower.  A lot of the racemes (flower stalks) are still just in bud, but the light lavender flowers give the plant a soft appearance, like the foam on waves.  It could be Wisteria 'Caroline' which is an early flowering hybrid.   

It is growing on a picket fence in an older suburb, but flowering so profusely you can't see the fence or the long stems of the plant.  Wisteria is a climbing plant but not a vine.  It is a bine.  A vine climbs by sending out long stems or runners which grab hold of some kind of support using tendrils or suckers.  But a bine climbs by winding itself around a support.  Apparently most bines spiral in a counterclockwise direction.  And while it is said that Japanese wisterias grow in a clockwise direction, distinguishing them from Chinese wisterias, most wisterias grown in gardens are hybrids.  This one looked as if it was growing counterclockwise, but I am not sure.  Who cares - it is another delight of spring. 

I can't really say that is so for this sight...

Today's southerly front approaching off Wellington's south coast.  The sea is still but the foaming rather lavender coloured clouds are to me a bit reminiscent of the wisteria.  And the storms do have their own, if much more dramatic, beauty.