Red, ripe and ready to harvest - Autento apples

Our little Autento tree has provided a delightful autumn display despite the recent storms and gales - not with the leaf colour - the leaves are dull and battered, but with a fine crop of gorgeous rich red apples.

I have written about this tree in an earlier post.  Since the inauspicious beginning to its life in our organic garden it has quietly thrived, disease free and productive.  The apples are delicious - aromatic, crisp and excellent keepers.  Just as long as we get to the apples before the birds...

In fact, this was the only one that had been eaten, perhaps because of ease of access - it was in the most prominent position on the tree.  The peck-marks suggested avian hunger and approval to me so I decided to deprive the birds of further opportunity and filled several bowls with delicious fruit. 

What a wonderful little tree!