Rose "Summer Passion" - in midwinter!

In the rose garden at the Wellington Botanic Garden a few of the roses have a few blooms left - despite it being midwinter and the bushes being bare of leaves.  A pretty pink rose caught my eye.  I haven't noticed this one before.  I smiled - it was a surprising sight and a sweetly incongrous name...

Rose "Summer Passion," bred by New Zealander Gina Martin.  It is said to flower well all season - and beyond, if this is anything to go by. 

Roses tend to be much tougher and more resilient than people give them credit for and out of season flowers can be a real delight, although they are often smaller and different in appearance because of the harsh conditions.  "Summer Passion" is described as a floribunda in style, the flowers large and pink with apricot centres and some scent.  The registered name is MARquizzical.  I look forward to the first flowering of spring and will be sure to look for more "Summer Passion"!