Shorter days - sunset seen from my office

We humans are light responsive creatures.  Some of us are more sensitive to changes in sunlight hours and day length than others.  Although I am fortunate and not badly affected by seasonal change, I do find the shorter days less attractive - and there is still a month to go before it is the shortest day, not to mention that winter hasn't really begun yet.  But then, it isn't so bad being inside when the weather is stormy and getting colder, and the winds do shape dramatic displays of rapidly changing cloud patterns.  These clouds caught the sunset in a brief display which lit up the sky, and I was able to catch the picture from my office window.

The lights on the tower beside the concourse to the stadium were redundant.  Nature's light show energised me as I returned to my work.  I find that even short moments of connection with the wonders of the world around us can be very sustaining.