Things have been busy and so I didn't expect to have time to get a good image of the "supermoon," so called because the moon was both full and at perigee - its closest to earth, on 23/6/13.  But as luck would have it, I was passing Te Raekaihau Point and Princess Bay as the sun was setting.  It was very pretty and I was very tired, so I stopped to breathe and enjoy the scene looking south past Taputeranga - barely a cloud, the sky a soft pink, a hazy coolness from the sea spray - a lovely calm after the storm.

Seaweed, rocks, and other sea-borne debris littered the broken paths - evidence of the ferocity of the recent storm.  Turning around, I saw the rising moon.  It did look bigger than usual, and dwarfed the Pencarrow lighthouse, which is the white dot on the left hand side of the image.

The light was bright, and it cast a soft glow on the wave-like wind sculpted shrubs on Te Raekaihau Point. 

A telephoto lens on a tripod would have given one of those dramatic photos showing the moon as huge, and I could have organised a clever foreground to contrast with it - but too bad.  Not a very super image, but it was a super invigorating sight, and that is absolutely enough.