The Endeavour - a David Austin rose

David Austin is an English rose breeder who has produced roses with the wonderful combination of a loose and romantic old rose form, strong perfume and recurrent flowering typical of modern roses.  The Endeavour rose was named after the Royal Navy research vessel commanded by James Cook on a voyage from 1769 to 1771 which included exploration along New Zealand and Australian coastlines.  Although this is described as a voyage of "discovery" both were already inhabited.  Interesting. 

Rose naming is also curious - what quality led to this name for this rose?

Glistening raindrops gilding (actually they look more like little crystals to me than gold) a beautiful fully open Endeavour rose.  The rich pink glows in the morning light and the rose has a delicious fruity/spicy scent. The bush is now in its first full flush of flowers - a late spring delight.