What a difference a day makes!

Christmas Day - Wellington's hottest one since the 1930's - around 28 degrees C.  And while it is the same part of the coast as yesterday's image, the view is rather different...

In the mid afternoon the light is bright and contrasty, and people are enjoying Princess Bay - some brave souls are swimming (the water is not tropical!), others are paddling and playing at the water's edge, and a kilted and Santa-hatted man is joining them - it appears that his job is done, no parcels to be seen.  Others are enjoying barbecues, snorkelling around the rocks or just sitting and admiring the view.

Light puffy cumulus clouds over the South Island.  The bright blues of a sunny day, evident in the calm sea and the shadows in the distance.  No shrouding of clouds today, quite open and expansive.  Gorgeous.  Appreciation for it all, whatever the weather!