Where's the sun?

Nothing stays the same, certainly not the weather in Wellington.  Remnants of tropical cyclone Evan, which caused death and devastation in Samoa and damage in Fiji, delivered warm moist air over the North Island.  Connecting with cooler southerly air this resulted in a dense mist around the coast - fog actually, since it reduced visibility to less than a kilometre - closing the airport and frustrating the travel plans of people wanting to get away for Christmas.  The bright reds of the pouwhenua (carved marker post) and pohutukawa flowers at Shorland Park in Island Bay were muted by the mist and the hills and houses behind were barely visible shadows.

Shorland Park is across the road from Island Bay beach.  With a children's playground, band rotunda, barbecue and picnic facilities, it is a popular place for people of all ages, and a very good place to enjoy your hot fish and chips from the local shop while admiring the views.  But not with this fog - even the island was hidden from view!

No island, no bay, no distant headlands to be seen.  Nor was there much on offer from humans for the scavenger seagulls on the wall by the beach - no people out and about, only those fishing boats closest in able to be seen, and no fish to be had from them.