Working on the website

A spider's web on the zigzag branchlets of a Muehlenbeckia astonii shrub - a New Zealand native plant I have previously featured.  The image is heavily vignetted - I hope it helps to make the fine strands of the web more visible against the busy clutter of the many tiny leaves and flowers and reddish divaricating stems. Glistening raindrops outline some of the strands.  It has been raining but the sun is coming out.

I am wanting to work on the structure of the website, but lacking the web building skill of a spider I will be taking a bit of time, so there won't be any new posts till 21 February. 

While you won't see any major changes at first, I am wanting to add to what I am offering. In the meantime, there are quite a few old posts that may be of interest again. 

I really really welcome any feedback - what brought you here? what interests you?  is there anything you would like more of? 

Most of all, thanks for visiting and welcome back on 21st Feb!