Bright winter light on shrubs and grasses at Otari-Wilton's Bush

It has been a most welcome clear sunny day.  The lower angle of the bright still-winter light had the effect of emphasising the textures and shapes of a group of drought tolerant New Zealand native plants at Otari-Wilton's Bush.  As most of our plants are not deciduous there are leaves and colour (and not too limited a palette) throughout the year.

These mounding shrubs and tussock grasses are typical of those found in the "rain shadow" to the east of the Southern Alps in the South Island.  The effect of the mountains is to increase precipitation of rain on the west side, so the east gets much less rain and is much drier.  This means the plant landscapes on either side of the Alps are very different. The plants that thrive in the dry east tend to also do well here in Wellington with our drying winds.

I think they look great.  And although it's still cold, hints of spring are beginning to appear.

All good.