Cistus Snowmound - some early flowers and a happy honeybee

It isn't yet spring, but the days are getting longer, the light seems stronger (when the clouds aren't dulling everything down) and our plant of Cistus Snowmound already has a scattering of opened flowers.  This cultivar is a dwarf form of Cistus, but over the years the plant has spread into a big mound, several metres wide and densely covered with white flowers at its peak - hence the name. You can see how many buds (with pink sepals) are waiting to open. 

There were enough flowers already out to attract some honeybees.  This one really immersed itself in its food!  It was having a pretty good time as evidenced by the well-stocked orange pollen basket and the pollen coated hairs on its little body. 

I love seeing honeybees - they help fortify my hope for the future of the planet.